Despite the COVID-19, Beringer Bicycle continue to ship your favorite crankset!

Indeed, Beringer Bicycle adapted its process to secure the manufacturing during the containement. s de confinement. As you know our production is 100% made in France, and we adapt our structure in order to be able to provide your order in the best time we could. This is a good opportunity to improve your BMX racing with the lightest crankset, and be sure to burn the start! Go to our shop to order, cutomization options are still available, choose your color and tell us if you want a specific laser engraving.

Stay safe, take care of you and your family, and see you soon on racing!

Beringer Bicycle Team

The first stages of BMX racing world cup in Australia

The 4 first stages of the world cup were in Asutralia from the 1st till the 8th of February 2020.

Stages 1 and 2 were in Shepparton, where our riders fought against the best of the world. Our elite rider Romain Mayet reached the quarter finale, he finally go down because another rider push him in a corner. Hopefully no physical injury, and he finished 20th and 21st. Simba Darnand, our new elite rider who just joined the Beringer Bicycle team, reached the round of 16, like our Swiss rider Cédric Butti.

The next stages 3 and 4 were in Bathurst in very tough climate conditions with rain and hard wind… the first day the organizers decided to stop the race after a hard crash of the elite rider Kai Sakakibara. He has been driven to the hospital in emergency, and we really wish him a quick recovery. The 4th stage has been canceled…

The official ranking after the events are on the UCI website :

This last weekend was terrible in the mind of a lot of riders because of the Kai crash… we all hope this won’t happen again.

Stay safe and enjoy your ride!

Join us at the St Etienne Indoor!

The 7th and 8th of December we will be at the 24th edition of St Etienne BMX Indoor in France. An outstanding event of the BMX racing world you shouldn’t miss!

We would bring some surprise and news. And of course we will bring the ultralight crankset dedicated to BMX, in size 175 / 177,5 / 180, you would be able to buy directly with a special discount price. Stock are limited, so don’t hesitate to come to our booth!

Mayet on top during the french championship in Calais

Last weekend was the French championship of 2019 season in Calais, where the heat wave is still not felt too much! Great world’s top riders was there and especially French.

Hostilities began on Saturday with the Time Trial, a race that does not forgive any mistakes. The smallest hundredth can be decisive for the final position. Our elite rider Romain Mayet offered a magnificent performance by finishing in the lead in 33’452, with less than 3 hundredth of gap against Romain Mahieu and 2 tenth compared to Joris Daudet. We could say anything, but we believe that the Beringer Bicycle crankset is part of the success story! However, our other elite rider Alexy Denilauler, will not be as successful since he will not reach the final of this hard race. Our junior riders Robin Genestroni and Charlotte Morot was qualified for their part. Robin finished with a nice 5th place, and Charlotte finished 8th.

In the rest of the weekend, the traditional rounds happened. And once again Romain Mayet managed to be into the leading pack, finishing 3rd in the final just behind Joris Daudet and Sylvain André. Alexy Denilauler reaches the quarter-finals and finishes 6th. Robin Genestroni and Charlotte Morot were 5th in 1/2 final.

All the results are available here:

Thanks to FABMX1 for these pictures, and again a great thanks Hyeji Perrier from St Etienne.

See you next week for the European challenge and cup in Valmiera in Lituania.

Beringer bicycle BMX racing European cup in Sarrians

Join us on the BMX racing European Cup stage in Sarrians (France) on May 25 and 26, 2019.

We will present the crankset dedicated to BMX racing in different colors of anodizing on our booth. You will be able to take in hand this product of high technology to realize you its extreme lightness, without compromise with its stiffness, its durability, and its impeccable finishing. Everything is “designed” and made in France.

You will also meet our elite riders on this race: Romain Mayet, Alexy Denilauler, Robin Genestroni, Charlotte Morrot.

BMX racing Euro Cup victory Genestroni

A very nice BMX Racing European Cup weekend took place on 4 and 5 May 2019 in Råde, Norway.

During this weekend, Robin Genestroni was present on this track which requires a physical commitment almost. After the Zolder heats in Belgium where he finished close to the podium, our rider was full of confidence. Despite a good effort, luck is not on his side and on Saturday he finished 7th in the final. But on Sunday, after a very good race, he reaches the top step of the podium. A very beautiful victory, well deserved, which rewards months of preparation!

Following this weekend, Robin enters now in the top 5 European BMX racing riders. We wish him so much success on the next date in Sarrians on May 25 and 26 where we will be too.

BMX racing World cup finale for our rider Romain Mayet

On April 27 and 28, 2019, the 2019 BMX Racing World Cup was opened in Manchester. Romain Mayet was present at this event, which brings together the best riders in the world for two intense races.

The first round of Saturday, we attended a final with the elite riders: 1. Joris DAUDET (FRA) – 2. Jeremy RENCUREL (FRA) – 3. Sylvain ANDRE (FRA) – 4. David GRAF (SUI) – 5. Paddy SHARROCK (GBR) – 6. Gonzalo MOLINA (ARG) – 7. Joris HARMSEN (NED) – 8. Niek KIMMANN (NED). And a podium that was 100% French! Our driver Romain Mayet had not exceed the quarters for this round. To see the final of Saturday is here.

But it was only time to get into the race, the 2nd round the diamanche we attended a final with the Elite Men riders: 1. Kye WHYTE (GBR) – 2. Niek KIMMANN (NED) – 3. Diego Alejandro ARBOLEDA OSPINA (COL) – 4. Sylvain ANDRE (FRA) – 5. Afredo CAMPO (ECU) – 6. Joris DAUDET (FRA) – 7. Romain MAYET (FRA) – 8 David GRAF (SUI). A beautiful first final in the BMX Racing World Cup for our rider! To see the final Sunday is here.

The next date is the Rade European Cup stage in Norway on May 5th and 6th, with Robin Genestroni, our Elite Junior rider.

Zolder BMX racing european cup

On 20th and 21st April, the second stage of the European Cup was held in Zolder, Belgium. A great opportunity to see the best BMX racing riders compete on a very technical track.

On this event, our French riders were present, equipped with Beringer Bicycle crankset. Robin Genestroni, rider of the French national division of St Etienne, fought well and finished 5th in the junior final. His teammate, Alexy Denilauler, who is coming back in the game, finished 7 in the men’s elite round 1/16 because of few mistakes. We strongly encourage him for next steps, we hope he will return to his full potential. And finally, Romain Mayet, after flying over the 1/8 and 1/4 of final, finished 6 in the semifinal after a bad start.

Next race for our riders: UCI BMX Supercross 2019 World Cup in Manchester on April 27th and 28th!


BMX racing French Cup in Tregueux

On 23 and 24 March 2019 took place the BMX racing French Cup in Trégueux (Bretagne, France). An opportunity to see all the national divisions competing on the track.

Our pilots were present for this weekend of race. Romain Mayet, of the DN Lempdes BMX Auvergne started big riding his BMX equipped with the latest model of Beringer Bicycle titanium crankset. He finished 4th in the first serie, then on the third step of the podium in the second serie. Our other riders from DN St Etienne BMX Wiawis also participated, including Alexy Denilauler who was 8th in the quarter-finals on both series. Robin Genestroni finished 3rd in the first serie and 6th in the final of the second serie. And finally Charlotte Morot who finished 5th in the semi final on both series.

A nice step again, with ideal conditions!

Next race for our riders: European Cup of Verona in Italy.