BMX racing French Cup in Tregueux


On 23 and 24 March 2019 took place the BMX racing French Cup in Trégueux (Bretagne, France). An opportunity to see all the national divisions competing on the track.

Our pilots were present for this weekend of race. Romain Mayet, of the DN Lempdes BMX Auvergne started big riding his BMX equipped with the latest model of Beringer Bicycle titanium crankset. He finished 4th in the first serie, then on the third step of the podium in the second serie. Our other riders from DN St Etienne BMX Wiawis also participated, including Alexy Denilauler who was 8th in the quarter-finals on both series. Robin Genestroni finished 3rd in the first serie and 6th in the final of the second serie. And finally Charlotte Morot who finished 5th in the semi final on both series.

A nice step again, with ideal conditions!

Next race for our riders: European Cup of Verona in Italy.